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Unique restaurants in Santorini

Discover exquisite amenities, thought and planned out with sophisticated intent and meet the most attentive and beautifully executed of services. We invite you in a world where candle lit terraced restaurants sit almost loftily in the clouds, their tables laden with crystal and silver, where the gourmet experience takes on the ethereal.

The excellence of our wine tasting and exquisite dining options is of course due to the standards set by our dedicated team of culinary professionals and waiting staff. Seamless service combined with Modern Mediterranean feasts promise to delight even the most discerning of palates.


Mikrasia Restaurant

From the distillation of the culinary traditions of Asia Minor, the famed cuisine of Constantinople compassed the traditions of what Greeks still call today “Politiki Kouzina” or “The Food of Constantinople”. Mikrasia is about redefining the classic Byzantine cuisine, fashioned in a different modern way. Inspired by the unraveling mysteries of Byzantine cuisine, our menu features flavored luxury food inspired by the multicultural character of Constantinople (Istanbul), bringing this vanished cuisine to life in vivid and astonishing flavors blending into sensual detail. Politiki Kouzina emerged from the practices and traditions of the luxurious culinary food served at the royal court, from the home cooked meals based on the oral tradition of passing down recipes and know-how from generation to generation, and from the street food of the markets where you could encounter some fine flavors and fusing spices. Committed to the Byzantine culture that never ceased to develop and to innovate, our aim is to preserve a little taste of what Byzantine food must have been like, based on the merging of different local ingredients and aromas that lead a burst of colors and flavors.


Seltz Champagne Bar & Restaurant

We know the lifestyle; we know how to create a seductive, enticing atmosphere offering unparalleled views as an impressive venue for enjoying a captivating place for an unforgettable dining experience. We offer an exquisite a la carte menu capturing a lavishing selection of luscious epicurean cravings complemented by a fine collection of prestigious cuveés. The time of day and occasion are the factors that differentiate the view. Whether dining in the day whilst overlooking the azure waters of the caldera and the far away cruise ships ebbing into the harbour or enjoying sumptuous and romantic sunsets or candle lit dinners, SELTZ Champagne Bar & Restaurant will engulf you in its casual sophistication.


The Katikies pool bar & restaurant

Non – intrusive, soft music accompanied by the ever changing hues of the Aegean light and its monumental effect on the colors of the Caldera characterize the relaxing element of the swimming pool bar. Enjoy exotic cocktails, classic aperitifs and a customized selection of delectable hors d’oeuvres. Dishes served during lunch and dinner hours are bright, fresh, stunning and complete.