Inspiring deep emotions of enchantment and fascination, Katikies Hotel in Oia Santorini is renowned for its unparallel services, warm atmosphere and sense of romance uniquely combined in an exceptional setting and natural environment, inviting its guests to experience moments of pure luxury.

Awe inspiring views, sublime Santorini sunsets and perfectly manicured pink bougainvilleas provide the magnificent backdrop for this perennially gleaming, glistening white luxury hotel that spills down the cliffs of the magical Caldera.



Referred to by guests with a sense of nostalgia at the passing of every perfect waking hour, Katikies Hotel form a stunning collection of opulent suites and rooms delicately furnished with fine cottons that billow gently in the soft, sweet island breeze. Perfectly located in the unique natural environments of Oia, cohabit resplendently these idyllic retreats that express exclusivity and privacy.

Each room is truly one of a kind, original and Cycladic in form, complemented by innovative new design, both everlasting and romantic in stature, endeavoring to provide an experience that refer to the most sublime and perfect aspects of Santorini. Our ideology is to provide a style and experience which will be firmly imprinted upon and cherished in each and every one of our guests’ memories.

Katikies Santorini
Katikies Santorini, Oia (Ia), Santorini, 84702, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Location & Contact
Katikies Santorini
Katikies Santorini, Oia (Ia), Santorini
84702, Cyclades Islands, Greece
F +30 22860 71129